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Led by Egypt, Middle Eastern, West Asian, and North African nations grow the most fresh fruits of the date palm tree. This semi dried dates grows in Khuzestan state and has dark brown colour. This sort accessible in pitted or no pitted and according to quantity of pieces in Kg, sayer dates divide to 3 categories.Led by Egypt, Middle Eastern, West Asian, and North African nations
Green Diamond dates fruit Firm is committed to give sustainable premium good quality of dates fruit that is ethically bought from farmers and delivered in greatest way to consumers. Green Diamond often ensure that dates are in their very best high quality even though the firm market social, financial and environmental standards in its practices. Prohibition of kid and forced labor is 1 of the big
If you want to know the Iranian Dates exportes calories, then in per one hundred g of Iranian date includes around 1.81 protein, .15 g fat, 74.97g carbohydrates, six.7 g dietary fiber and 113 g sugar ans also 300 power. This kind of date grow in Pars province of IRAN, It is utilised as soft and in some components as dry dates and is the second harvest of IRAN palm dates. It has elongated shape and
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