Wear and tear is an inevident process of nature. Man has constantly tried to overcome this evil and the innovative solutions proposed over time either prevent it or reduce the collateral damages. In the race to find a cure for the same, one such technique has emerged called Shot Blasting. As the name suggests, shots of some material are bombarded on the target substance at extremely high speeds which somehow help it to revive its strength and natural properties. These shots, also called as abrasive media, can be made of sand, glass, garnet and chilled iron, and can be used according to the re
Blasting is a specialized job involved a lot of hazards which often lead to accidents. There are many forms of risk associated with blasting work. Before beginning the work,employers should identify the hazards and assign a knowledgeable person who know the functioning of shot blasting machine trained to recognize hazards and with the authority to quick take corrective actions to remove them.
The Tumb Type Shot Blasting machine can be used to remove sand and rust from cast, forged and welded parts as well as aluminum and other non-ferrous parts. This series is especially effective for hard-to-clean parts, non-fragile parts and non-core castings. These machines are also available in full automation.
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The AB37 Series is Compact in design, does not require a pit and consist of units featuring single hook, double hook, lifting and non-lifting style designed to peen castings, structural components, non-ferrous alloy parts.
Table type machines consist of one / two rotary tables for the loading of the component. This table mounted on the door swings inside the cabinet and the blast wheel on the top cleans the component.
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